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Our name says it all! You have entered the iTech Products where you are able to choose from a wide range of products! See how easy it is to order a complete turnkey solution that is built on 18 years of experience.

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No other CCTV company can claim this!  Our systems are equipped with built-in intelligence and numerous features that improve the quality of video, while conforming to the legal standards and formats required by law enforcement and other government agencies. Check out our solutions and services option, as well as the FAQs section where you will find in-depth knowledge about the vast CCTV/DVR technology, and in particular, our products and solutions. Rest assured of our pricing, our parent company is an international manufacturer, importer and distributor of Surveillance systems. Let us ship you our quality products today!


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UPS Power Backup


350VA / 550VA 7750VA / 1000VA


DC / AC 9 / 16 Ports Distributed Power Box



CCTV Camera DC Power Plug - Female


DC Power Pigtail Female ~ 8-inch


CCTV Camera DC Power Plug - Male


DC Power Pigtail Male ~ 8-inch


12V-DC Flex light weight / 750mA PS



12V DC Flex light weight / 750mA Power Supply/Transformer  



Junction Box 4x4x2
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Molded non-metallic junction box, 4 inch x 4 inch x 2 inch.


24V-AC light weight / 400mA PS



24VAC light weight / 400mAPower Supply/Transformer  



12V-DC light weight / 2000mA (2Amp) PS



12V DC light weight / 2000mA (2Amp) Power Supply/Transformer  



7 Outlets 6ft Tel/Modem Surge Protector



24V-AC 2Amp (2000mA) PS



24VAC light weight / 2000mA (2Amp) Power Supply/Transformer  



24V-A/C to 12V-DC Converter


Convert 24AC to 12 DC max 1000+ ft


Video & Power Surge protector


Key Features

  • 2-stage Protection
  • AC/DC 3-pin terminal
  • BNC male to 2-pin terminal + BNC female
  • max power input AC40V, DC56V

Power supply for Tower Unit 450W


ATX Power supply for Tower DVR/POS Unit - iNDVRxx, iPCNDVRxx
*Specification & Illustrations are subject to change without prior notice


Power supply for 3U Rack Unit 350W


Power supply for 3U Rackmount Unit - iNDVRxx, iSAxx,iPCNDVRxx
*Specification & Illustrations are subject to change without prior notice



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